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Case Study: Creating An Underwater HOME For Phoebe The Flamingo at Tampa Airport

Rosco Image Spot® HO User Guide

Case Study: Subtle Lighting Effects Evoke The Mystery Of Chinese Ritual Bronzes

Rosco Image Spot® HT DWG File

Rosco Image Spot® DWG File

Rosco Image Spot® HO DWG File

Rosco Image Spot® HO Drawing

Rosco Image Spot® HO Data Sheet

X-Effects Recipe Video Collection

Rosco X-Effects® Production Rental Kit

Case Study: Five Techniques For Creating Spectacular Lighting Effects With Rosco X-Effects®

I-Cue CE Declaration of Conformity

Case Study: A Flowing River Of Light Provides Unique Bike Path Illumination

X-Effects® LED Projector RGBW - IES Files

X-Effects® LED HO Projector 5500K - IES Files